The Pre-School Room

Our Pre-School is for children aged approximately 4+ years. Our Pre-School room offers a bright, modern and spacious teaching, learning and play environment which supports the needs and requirements of our oldest children. Our Pre-School Room promotes self-choice and initiative, which builds on children’s growing confidence and abilities. Like the Primary Room, an emphasis is also placed on supporting children's independence skills.

The Pre-School is set out in areas which include creative play, construction, home corner, cosy book area, IT, sensory and messy play, paint/collage, dressing up, role play/imaginative play and table top activities. The Pre-school team provide both adult and child led activities each day which are planned as a result of observing each child’s individual interests and needs. We encourage parents to contribute to the planning of activities by letting us know of their child’s interests at home.

Children also have opportunities for role play, story time, imaginative play, music and movement, creative activities, technology, computers construction, small world activities, cookery and gardening. Pre-School children have their own ‘free flow' outdoor play area with sand and water play, gardening areas, picnic table, chalk board, bird table and decking area.

Our Pre-School is registered for only 16 children and, with a staffing ratio of one adult to eight children (1:8), as opposed to the state school ratio of 1:13, we are able to offer each child lots of individual attention and support.

The Pre-School is headed by experienced, committed and highly trained early years’ practitioners who work in close consultation with the nursery manager and the Director, (a Qualified teacher), to ensure that children are provided with high quality childcare, teaching and learning opportunities. Our Pre-School supports children's development and progress within the Early Years Foundation Stage (the same curriculum that they would follow at school).

Numeracy and Literacy An emphasis is placed on supporting children's basic skills in speaking, reading, writing and numeracy. Like the Primary Room children also take part in our ‘Letters and Sounds’ teaching programme which

Our Pre-School provides opportunities for children to ‘learn at every turn'; for example, children are supported to learn to read and we use the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme, a reading scheme which is also widely used in schools.

We initially use Oxford Reading Tree Scheme Wordless books to support children's understanding of stories and characters. When we feel it is developmentally appropriate, we encourage children to use their growing phonetic knowledge to begin to sound out and read simple words.

Children also participate in daily ‘Letters and Sounds' (Phonics) activities to support their early reading skills to give them the phonetic knowledge and skills they require to begin to learn to read, write and spell. Children take part in hand writing and pencil control activities and when a child is ready staff members will work with them to ensure children form their letters correctly.

Staff members support children with their early numeracy skills, (counting, number recognition, shape and space) to ensure that children learn the early mathematical skills of the EYFS Curriculum.

The importance of early numeracy and literacy skills Possessing strong, basic Numeracy and Literacy skills is the basis for all future learning – they are a vital life skill to enable us to carry out all kinds of everyday tasks, e.g. telling the time, writing a shopping list. We firmly believe that the possession of early literacy and numeracy skills has a crucial and beneficial impact on all children’s future learning and achievements.

At Brambly Hedge we follow the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework... more info>

Our nursery kitchen is a high-quality commercial kitchen which ensures the highest possible standards during food preparation and cooking... more info>

When your child first starts to attend Brambly Hedge, you will both be allocated a member of staff who will be your Key Person, a familiar and special adult who will provide specialist childcare, helping your child to settle in and feel happy... more info>

New Literacy and Numeracy Resources

We have very recently completely re-furbished and re-resourced our number and literacy resources throughout the nursery, with a focus on these essential basic skills being taught in both the Primary Room and the Pre-School Room. These resources are of the highest quality and each one has been carefully selected and purchased from high-end educational retailers by the nursery’s Director. The intention is to make the teaching of children’s early numeracy and literacy skills fun, enjoyable, exciting but, above all, effective. Basically no expense has been spared. The wide variety of new resources support children’s learning and development throughout every stage of the Early Year Foundation Stage – from start to finish.

What Our Parents Say

“Thank you for looking after our son for the past 3 years. You have all done a fantastic job of teaching him and giving him a great start in life." (L M).